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Strengthen Info Driven decision making.

Enable data reveal more than what you see

Why Choose


Why Bizztran?

  • Consolidated solutions targeting operational improvement

  • Across the business including individual functions.

  • Bridge gap found in data management of industrial firms and functional expertise of BI consulting firms.

Why choose Bizztran?

With Bizztran you achieve

We provide solutions suitable for data analysis resulting in better understanding business and taking better decisions. We use Business Intelligence technology to generate reports and analysis which is faster, flexible and available at finger tips where ever you are, with latest possible information. These solutions can be customized to your hardware of choice i.e PC, tablet or smartphone

Improved Efficiency

BI solution comes with low cost architecture compared to traditional reporting solutions.   The fast payback on BI investment is achieved by helping decision-makers identify areas for cost savings. We help you identify, build and resolve these critical challenges enabled by cost effective BI solutions

Cost Effectiveness

We help in  optimizing the business process, improving the decision. We can easily and effectively identify the process modifications targeting improvements. With the process to integrate different data points BI will help in combining all these information and provide you with an integrated solution. Harness the potential to transform your business with our Business Process Automation capabilities

Process Automation

We bring in unique portfolio of diversified skill, experience and aptitude. Our experience enables wider reach in the business including individual functions and cross functional influence. We provide consolidated and customized solutions. We bridge gaps found in data management of industrial firms & cross-functional expertise of BI consulting firms.

Integrated Expertise

Why us?
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