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BT Serv model

Our Services

addressing end-to-end customer's

Business Intelligence &

operational needs





Business Intelligence


  • Advisory

  • Set-up BI Infrastructure

  • Catering to BI Needs

      (Tools, Database, analysis)

  • Info Driven decision making

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Process Efficiency

  • Reporting Solution

  • Customisable Practices

  • Industrial Know Hows

  • Functional Collaboration



Freedom for customer to tailor as per their needs

New approach to decision making in the business involving cross-functional collaboration

Comprehensive BI Solutions covering complete customer needs

BT Service Model: provides customized solutions & addresses full service spectrum​

Service Model & Offerings


Operational Transformation

Master Data Management


We create one single master reference source for all critical business data, leading to fewer errors and less redundancy in business processes


Business Process Automation

We partner to study your existing processes, key process indicators and work with you to suggest dimensions and new areas which further facilitates business improvement Scope includes cross-functional influence involving Business Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy, Marketing, Product Lifecyle Management, supply chain etc.


Corporate Training

We will coach and educate professionals on all dimensions of Business intelligence and process simplification.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Comprehensive BI Solutions

We bring in Expertise across a wide range of business intelligence platforms. Our highly flexible and broad range of consulting services can help any type of organization fully comprehend Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing requirements, whilst developing an approach that encapsulates the latest technological developments.


By modernizing your Business Intelligence infrastructure and adopting to the BI provider of your choice matching requirements we can help ensure that you are adding the value to your organization. Our unique competence of functional expertise, data analysis and technology management has enabled us to support you in any stage of lifecycle.


Having access to Informative data is key but even more vital is to interpret it correctly. Connect with BT to get our comprehensive services.

BT Service Portfolio: caters to a diverse and wide range of services and solutions​


BT Offerings... A progressive involvement approach involving end-to-end customer needs

  • Exploration Journey

  • Needs Assessment & Requirements clarifications

  • Solution Design & Implementation

  • Handover to client

  • BT-S​

  • Partner in operating rhythm and decision making*​

  • Onsite availability*​

  •  Training  Options

  • BT-E

  • Managing turnkey project

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