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Die besten Autohandler in Lengnau

Why Us

Because with us you only have one contact person for everything to do with buying a car, so you can look forward to your new car even more


"My vision is to grow more and more, and my mission is 100% customer satisfaction"

Petros Beaineau


At the age of 20, I fulfilled my childhood dream of trading in cars on my own. During my RS training, I already had a few cars to trade. You always start small, but now there on a average 30 cars at my place and its growing. Very soon I also gained experience in car imports and exports
I inherited my passion for cars from my father, who traded cars himself. Not only he gave me experience but also the enthusiasm

With my passion and creativity, I can happily ease your efforts in search of your dream car. At my pace you need not worry anything. From the point of consulting till the time you have your preferred car, I will assist you in all the steps. I attach great importance to your wishes, which is why I take time for individual and competent advice

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