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Lost in

Data Threads?

Cross-Functional Business Intelligence Consultancy

With Bizztran's Info Driven Practice you achieve

Improved Efficiency

Cost Effectiveness

Process Automation

Integrated Expertise

Transforming Data to Information

About us

Bizztran provides consultancy to organisations on providing cross-functional "Business Intelligence".  It was launched by Professionals with an aim to help organizations achieve functional and operational efficiency, leveraging on the power of Business Intelligence

Our value proposition lies in the unique  blend of functional and technical competency to partner and guide you  building informative driven practices

We are your BI partners for your success and transformation

About us
Data Threads

Data related challenges

  • Connects all key disciplines, but not always available

  • Available, but un-harmonized & from different sources

  • Available, but lacks flexibility & immediate access

with Bizztran...

Overcome these Challenges

Get the most from your Data

Informative Data......Oxygen to business              

Our Services

Operational Transformation

Master Data Management

We create one single master reference source for all critical business data, leading to fewer errors and less redundancy in business processes


BI Solutions

Process Automation

We partner to study your existing processes, key process indicators and work with you to suggest dimensions and new areas which further facilitates business improvement...

Comprehensive BI Solutions

We bring in Expertise across a wide range of business intelligence platforms. Our highly flexible and broad range of consulting services can help any type...

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